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Bonuses. For Owners of Advanced Google AdWords

Certified Knowledge is a web based interactive training and tools platform.

With each purchase of Advanced Google AdWords, you will receive a bonus two week free trial of Certified Knowledge PPC training courses and full access to the tools.

Interactive Training

If you prefer to learn from watching videos, and working with interactive content, Certified Knowledge will help you learn more about Google AdWords.

Online Tool Suite

Certified Knowledge’s suite of tools will help you:

  • Expand your keywords
  • Find geographic keywords
  • Determine what keywords, ad copy, landing pages, and placements are profitable
  • Save you time by suggesting AdGroups that need Quality Score improvements.
  • Become confident in your testing

How to access the specials page

If you have bought Advanced Google AdWords; you can access your bonuses codes immediately.

Just visit the specials redemption page by clicking here and enter the password.

The password is the last word of chapter 6, Advanced Optimization Techniques – the one highlighted in red below.
AdWords Bonuses

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