Brad Geddes / PPC Geek
Official AdWords Seminar Leader.
Author of Advanced Google AdWords.
Founder, Certified Knowledge & AdAlysis.
(312) 884-9017
Advanced Google AdWords Book Certified Knowledge

Certified Knowledge. Watch Videos. Save Time with Valuable Tools. Join the Community.

Certified Knowledge™ is an online training system where you can learn more about AdWords, optimize your site using our PPC Toolset, or leverage the wisdom of crowds through the forums and community.

Certified Knowledge Benefits

Google AdWords Tutorials
Watch videos, read content, and interact with training modules which will walk you through basic to advanced techniques. The modules start with the basics and get into more advanced topics. Some topics include:

  • • Intro to AdWords
  • • Goal Setting
  • • AdWords Editor
  • • Everything Keywords
  • • Negative Keywords
  • • Search Query Report Live Walkthrough
  • • Keyword Research Tools
  • • Creating Ad Copy
  • • Landing Pages
  • • Demystifying Quality Score
  • • Location Targeting
  • Read more about the tutorials at the Certified Knowledge site.

PPC Tools
One of our passions is creating tools that help you save time in analyzing your account, and money by making better optimization decisions. We have a list of more than 30 tools we will develop; however, we’re starting with the most useful once including:

  • • Report Analyzer: Upload any report with conversion data and receive a plethora of information.
  • • Quality Score Analyzer: Upload a keyword report and get back an ordered list of where you should spend your time.
  • • Keyword Mixer: Easily tackle the long tail of keywords
  • • Split Test Confidence Calculator: Find out which tests are winners
  • • Mass Ad Copy Creator: Create hundreds of unique ads in minutes
  • • Broken Link Finder: Check your ad copy and keyword destination URLs to make sure you aren’t losing money sending traffic to broken pages
  • • Server Header Checker: Ping any page and see view the server information
  • Read more about the tools at the Certified Knowledge site.

Join the community
We have always enjoyed sharing our knowledge, and now we will have a community where advertisers can easily talk with each other and share their stories and tips.

  • • Robust forum system: Ask and answer questions in public, or network with fellow members
  • • Private messaging system: Keep your communications private between other members
  • • Public profile: Share as much or as little of yourself as you desire
  • Read more about the community at the Certified Knowledge site.

Special Bonus
Get a free AdWords reporting calendar: Knowing what to do in AdWords can be difficult. In order to make life easier, we’ve created a public calendar that you can add to your own calendar program and get updates about what reports you should be running, and determining how to structure your day to keep getting your job done while still managing your AdWords account.

Brad has been actively managing PPC accounts for more than a decade. He has been blogging about PPC for almost a decade. He has been a moderator at Webmaster World for more than five years. He has been a columnist for Search Engine Land for more than three years. He has spoken at countless events. He is the only person certified by Google to teach Advanced AdWords Seminars for Success, and the the author of Advanced Google AdWords.

The problem he has always had is that there are too many people who want help, and not enough time to help them all. Certified Knowledge will address this by bringing advertiser together into a single place where they can see the training lessons he has taught to fortune 500 companies and to small businesses. Everyone will have access to the tools he has been using for years to easily create and manage PPC accounts.

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