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AdWords Seminars. Live, In-Person, PPC Training

Brad Geddes has been selected by Google™ to conduct intensive seminars aimed at educating advertisers in the successful management and creation of Google AdWords campaigns.

  • • AdWords Seminars for Success are Officially Sponsored by Google™
  • • Full Day, In Person Events, with AdWords Seminar Leader Brad Geddes
  • • Take Home the Presentation in both a Printed Book and Digital Format


AdWords Seminar for Success – Overview

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What are Google™ AdWords Advanced Seminars?
The AdWords Seminar for Success Advanced series are two days of interactive education that will help you make the most of the time and money you invest in AdWords. Officially sponsored by Google, you can trust that you are receiving the most accurate and up-to-date information on the best practices for advertising with Google AdWords.

AdWords Seminar Attendee Testimonials

About the Advanced AdWords Seminars 301 & 302

AdWords 301: Advanced Account Optimization focuses on best practices for Keywords, Ad Copy, and Landing Pages in addition to a deep dive into Quality Score, the Content Network, and Geographic Targeting. This day is jam-packed full of tips and techniques you can functionally use to improve your accounts overall performance. You can see the in-depth curriculum here.

AdWords 302: Advanced Conversion Optimization concentrates on how to increase your conversions and your profits! Topics include Bidding Types and Strategies, Tracking Conversions, Split Testing, and Account Organization. The information included in this session can have a positive, dramatic impact on your bottom line – this is a must attend event! You can see the in-depth curriculum here.

Who should attend these seminars?
The 301 and 302 Advanced AdWords seminars are designed for seasoned Search Enginge Marketing professionals. If you are an experienced ppc analyst, manager,or executive these courses are for you.

To view the upcoming schedule, please visit the Event Schedule on our corporate site.

SMX Workshops

The SMX workshops are one day intensive training session about Google AdWords and how to extract the most value from your AdWords Account. We have partnered with SMX to bring you this interactive learning experience. You can attend a full day workshop, attend the conference, or do both if you desire.

Workshop Topics

Comprehensive Keyword Research: The absolute center of every PPC campaign is keywords. Learn the effective methods to discover and research keywords. While keywords are the lifeblood of PPC, perfecting your match types usage while controlling your negative keywords can drastically increase your overall revenue.

Writing Compelling Ad Copy: You will learn how to sync your ad copy with both your keywords and buying cycle stages.

Ad Copy Testing: Testing ad copy is essential to any AdWords account’s success. You will takeaway several ideas for ads to test by the time you leave the session.

Demystifying Quality Score: Quality Score has a larger effect on your account’s visibility than any other setting inside of AdWords. Quality Score can be a challenge to increase. Receive step-by-step instructions in how to prioritize Quality Score improvement, and what actions to take to increase your Quality Scores.

Increase your Reach Through the Google Display Network: Consumers spend about 5% of their time with the search network. The rest of their time is spent on content sites. Learn how to effectively reach users beyond search with contextual ads, placements, and enhanced campaigns.

Control Your Ad Display with Location Targeting: Do you think that geographic targeting isn’t relevant to a national business? Think again! Whether you are a brick and mortar local business, or a global e-commerce site, learn how geographically targeted campaigns can create additional connections with searchers.

Increase Your Landing Page Conversions: The first impression to a potential customer is the landing page. With only a few seconds to engage the buyer this may be more important in your conversion funnel than anything else. This section of the course will not only go into best practices and usability, but how to test landing pages in a simple and effective method.

Networking Opportunities: Conferences are fantastic places to network and meet fellow practitioners of online marketing. Lunch will be provided so you can spend time getting to know your fellow attendees.

AdWords Seminar Leader & Workshop Instructor

Brad Geddes is the founder of Certified Knowledge a online paid search training and toolset provider.

He is the author of Advanced Google AdWords, the most advanced book ever written about Google’s advertising program. Brad is one of the first Google Advertising Professionals and Microsoft adExcellence members. He is the first advanced AdWords Seminar Leader and works directly with Google to train companies on Google AdWords. He has written extensively about internet marketing for more than a decade.

Brad has worked with companies who manage tens of thousands of small PPC accounts and other companies who spend millions on marketing every month. His experience ranges from owning his own agency, to working for a boutique agency, to managing programs that were official resellers of Google and Yahoo. Some brands he has worked with include: Amazon, Yahoo, RH Donnelley,, World Directories, Encyclopedia Britannica, and Red Lobster.

One of his trademarks has been demystifying the complicated aspects of SEO, PPC, and Internet advertising. Not one to hold secrets, Brad prefers to educate his readers on the various aspects of crafting successful marketing campaigns to ensure the success for all parties involved.

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Upcoming Schedule

To view the upcoming schedule, please visit the Event Schedule on our corporate site.

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